Grunbein Alpha
Grunbein Omega

Defense - TK Overflow Field
The seal's power amplifies Grunbein's psychic output and it's surrounded by an almost palpable aura of telekinetic power that usually manifests as sparks and motes of light flying in the air around the unit. In addition to erecting a powerful tk barrier, this can also slow down attacks aimed at the unit and even control their direction to some extent.

T-Link Rippers - a set of four large rippers on the Grunbein's back, they operate like the Gespenst's but are bigger and more powerful. Often used in concert with other TK weapons.

Eye Laser Magnum - eye lasers (duh) that can fire either a continous stream of energy or short pulse/burst lasers.

Cimmerian Blaster - fire a gravity blast from the chest. As powerful as the Omega Cannonf from the Huckebein.

T-Link Beam Knuckle - the forearms of the Grunbein can be shot out as a telekinetically controlled attack. They have beam emitters: for Grunbein Alpha they emit beam blades, for Grunbein Omega they shoot out rapid fire beams instead. The emitter can be used without shooting the knuckle out.

Beam Knee - equipped with similar emitters as above only working in reverse, ranged for Alpha and melee for Omega. A surprise weapon or to be used in combination with others.

Lucent Gunsword - a summoned gunblade that can fire high power sniper beams and has a physical (but strong) blade. It channels TK power: Grunbein Alpha can emit a beam blade from the physical one, extending it and also changing its shape as the user wills it. Grunbein Omega's beam shots are controlled/homing.

Alpha & Omega Strike - the cimmerian blaster's power is focused while wielding the Lucent Gunsword, and the weapon becomes a channel of a devastating energy/gravitic power combo, with the users controlling its shape using TK somewhat. Something crazy and powerful happens.

Heat Tail - Grunbein's ponytail is a weapon of some kind. Probably controlled telekinetically or something. It's a mystery.
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Player name: Cubey
AIM contact: you know this
Alternate contacts: you know this
Character name: Bryanne Eriksen
Source canon: Endless Duology
Community tag: bryanne_eriksen
Do I want a HMD: I have it


Background: Once there was a girl who, all things considered, was lucky. She was born in a middle class American family, away from dangers and struggles that plague many regions of the world. She was talented, intelligent and pretty. She had a glowing feature ahead of herself - her talent for performance was discovered, and she was going to become a singer, maybe even a pop idol.
And then it all fell down - through no one's actions but her own. Brye was already known locally for frictions with her peers and even authority figures. She was not actively seeking or causing trouble, but she was the most eager to call out hypocrisy, unfair actions and myopic thinking as she saw it. This attitude combined with the cutthroat image-based world of show business was a recipe for disaster. Her career did not last long before arguments were made and bridges were burned, Brye's opinion of this path of life disillusioned forever.
And so she stood on the crossroads of life, a failed idol and high school graduate with serious aspirations to changing the world for the better, but no obvious means of doing so. Yet, fate would have it that yet another talent of hers was discovered, one that would create such a means soon enough...
Original canon background: See Aero app
Personality: There are people who understand that sometimes, you have to let a harsh word pass by or do something that you do not quite agree with, either for your own personal good or for the greater good of all. Bryanne is not one of those people. She cannot stand injustice, double standards and people being jerks in general, and she will not stay quiet about it. If you do something she doesn't approve of, she will call you out on it. This means she has an affinity for getting in trouble with authority figures, though she doesn't hate them on principle. Their position simply makes it easier to abuse their power, and failings are more visible.
Knowing that, you'd expect Brye to be a bitter outcast. But she is actually a fun-loving and friendly, even silly person. She treasures spending time with friends (though making actual friends may be hard due to see above), socializing and just goofing around. She has a lot of creative energy and is often a well of all kinds of ideas, serious or not. Her demeanor is laid-back and rather mischevious. You can tell the situation is bad (or at least very intense) if she is acting very seriously.
Brye is not very experienced as far as mecha piloting goes. She adapts to stressful situations pretty well, but getting into a real firefight where people can die is something she needs to really get used to. For the same reason she tries not to kill people, though that luxury is not always present. In combat she makes use of her creative plan making rather than a soldier's discipline.
Capabilities and Resources: Bryanne is a Psychodriver, though not a ridiculously powerful one. This gives her the ability to anticipate enemy movements on the battlefield, control telekinetic weapons, and allows her to subconsciously read the state of mind of others - she is very empathetic, not a mind reader. As the canon begins, she is only becoming aware of the nature of her powers.
Also, she is a pretty good singer and dancer, skills that come from a period of life she does not want anything to do with anymore. Don't expect this to come up often unless you go play karaoke with her or something.
Position in Unity Group: Pilot

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: Gespenst mk II TT
Unit Description: It's a standard Gespenst mk II, equipped with a T-Link System. Also its controls have been simplified, making it easy to use for novices in exchange for (somewhat) limiting and streamlining its available moveset. It is equipped with the T-Link Ripper, a telekinetic variant of the Slash Ripper (giving it better range and control), and can wield standard handheld PT weaponry.
Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground

Upgrades: Locked to mod account

Wingmen: None

Mission requirement: Mission 1
Suggested Event List: See Aero's app

Sample post: WIP


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